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About AUAC


The Melbourne-based AUSTRALIA ACADEMIC PRESS PTY LTD (AUAC) is an independent professional modern publishing company, dedicated to digital and print publication of academic journals and books. Open to scholars from all over the world, the company is aimed to become a high-level platform for stimulating international academic communication and development.

To achieve this goal, AUAC has set up multidisciplinary foundation to invite influential researchers and scholars from a diverse areas of subjects, including science, technology, medicine and social science. Through collaboration with research communities, supporting communication of meaningful research discoveries, we accelerate science development. Working extensively with authors, communities, libraries, as well as other members of the research field, we generate, communicate, acquire all kinds of academic and scholarly insights, and help solve some of the world's greatest challenges.

As a professional publisher of open access, all of our journals are open access, which makes the contents immediately and permanently available online for everyone. New journals will be created mainly through cooperation with renowned and productive scholars in the subject area, and cooperation with universities and colleges, research institutions or industry associations. For academic books, we are committed to providing different open access publishing models to support a wide range of needs from the global research community. It includes monographs, proceedings, laboratory protocols, handbooks, as well as databases, etc. In addition, we provide services and support to researchers worldwide, including conferences, training, and so on. We always adhere to the high quality of international publishing ethics.